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Public Philosophy

Third photo of Fabienne

Guest on BBC In our Time, episode on Rawls' Theory of Justice, January 2023

Interview by Daniele Lorenzini and Federico Testa on Biopolitics and Democracy, April 2022

Podcast of panel discussion at LSE: Is Politics based on Morality?, April 2015

Interview (in German) about my article 'The Human Right to Political Participation' on Hinterfragt, August 2013

Interview about my book Democratic Legitimacy on New Books in Philosophy, November 2011


Articles, blog posts, written interviews, etc.

Article in IAI News on 'The Blurred Line between Facts and Value', November 2022

Article in The New Statesman on 'Can Authoritarianism Ever be Justified?', August 2021

Blog post for Warwick Knowledge Centre on 'The Experts are Back – But How Much Political Power Should Experts Have?', March 2020

Blog post at Open for Debate on 'Political Debate in the Digital Age', February 2020

Blog post at Imperfect Cognitions on the Norms for the New Public Sphere research project, December 2019 (project website)


Article in The Conversation on social media rules for influential politicians, July 2019

Interview by Richard Marshall on my work on 'Legitimacy and Epistemic Democracy' at 3:16am magazine, April 2018

Blog post at Philosopher’s Magazine on the general election, May 2017

Blog post at The Forum on 'Democracy or Decision-making by Experts?', February 2016

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